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June 27, 2020

Ten effective ways to build a remote teams

One of the work styles that is growing more popular in the IT field is, of course, remote teams. Remote teams has shown to successfully help deliver the expected quality on time. However, for this to be able to happen, businesses need a skilled, productive team! Now, this isn’t easy, as you may figure out. But don’t worry. With an experience of over 10 years of building excellent remote teams, we bring to you ten effective ways to build your remote development team. Let’s get started.

1. Hire the right talent

The first thing you need to do when building the remote development team is to understand what kind of skills are required for the projects. Based on the technologies that will be used, you can shortlist for the development team. It’s really important that you are hiring only those who are required. Otherwise what may occur is the imbalance of work which can lead to decreased productivity and cost overruns which are supposed to minimize by remote work.

2. Train them well

Just as you would provide training for the use of tools and processes in-house, you need to do the same virtually. Ensure that your developers have a clear idea of how they will be communicating, collaborating, and working. So if your remote team will be using tools like Slack, Trello, and others, make sure the team knows how you will be using them.

3. Share the overall goals

A developer knows that his or her job is to develop the system whether it is in the form of a website, mobile app or so forth. However, it is your responsibility to communicate the goals of the project to the developers. Though this may not seem useful to the developers, it makes the value of development so much more. If you can make the team realize how it’s not just coded that the developers are doing but rather helping the business grow, it can help bring out the quality furthermore.

4. Take feedback

If you go back to the top of this blog, you will notice that this is about how to effectively build a remote team. So one of the ways you can do this is to constantly take feedback from your team. This can be about a particular project, company process, or anything else relevant to work. Only this way will you see if there is something you need to change so that your team can work smoothly.

5. Be flexible

One of the reasons why remote work has grown to be popular is how it believes in flexibility. When working with your remote development team, try to provide as much flexibility in things such as work timings, work process and so forth. Believe us, this flexibility will really allow you to build a team that will last long.

6. Encourage verbal communication

As developers generally have to closely work with one another, try to encourage them to discuss it verbally. Using collaborative tools such as Google hangout, Slack call, and others, they will be able to discuss things faster and in a more accurate way. The idea here is not to discourage written communication but rather to encourage using the most effective mode of communication.

7. Video meetings if possible

While remote work is about eliminating the need to work from the office, if possible, try to have video meetings with your team members from time to time. You see, there are some things which can be better discussed by seeing each other. In addition, when you have video meetings, chances of bonding increase even more.

8. Provide the right tools

Developers are going to certainly be using a lot of tools for different purposes such as communication, collaboration, coding, version control and so forth. What is important for you is to provide them with the tools which will do this job in the shortest time possible. Do not overwhelm them with the number of tools as that will turn out to be a pain for all.

9. Learn their language

One of the best ways to understand someone is to learn their language. Now we are not suggesting that you should go and learn: React JS, Laravel, PHP, and so on in detail. However, it would be a great idea if the project manager has even surface-level ideas so that if there are any technical glitches, you can help the development team resolve them faster.

10. Trust them

For any team to be successful in their efforts, trust is a must. If team members cannot trust each other, something has to be done right away about it. With remote work, the need for trust increases even more. This is why you need to trust your development team when it is working and only discuss the progress, roadblock and anything else at the fixed times. Even when it comes to making technical decisions, encourage them to share their opinions.

And, that’s it!
We reach the end of the possible ways that you can build a remote development team that is motivated and easily manageable. But of course, the possibilities do not end here. We would love to hear what are some of the ways that you use to build your remote team.

In case you are looking for someone who can form a remote team for your business, we can happily help. Get in touch with us right now!