November 8, 2019

Outstanding Shopify Stores Of 2019

With roughly 820,000 active Shopify stores and 218 million buyers in the last year, it is no doubt that Shopify is doing wonders for the businesses.

From startups to mid-sized and large-sized businesses, there are thousands of success stories on Shopify. With the platform benefits such as easy setup, flexibility and cost friendliness combined with businesses’ strategies, the store is bound to experience growth. If your store is not on Shopify already, let us help you get started.

6 Outstanding Shopify stores of 2019 to get inspired by

With 2020 around the corner, we looked at some of the successful Shopify stores this year. While these stores have used different approaches to stand out to their respective audiences, what remains common is the quality they offer to their customers.

Outstanding Shopify Store #1. Rareform


With aesthetics and practicality playing an equal role, Rareform offers an array of bags built out of recycled billboards. Not only are their products creative, but so is the website design. Using a minimalistic approach, the website places its visuals and content in a way that is not distracting to its customers. In addition, the design has been carefully made to only include few colors and textures that are consistent throughout the whole website.

Takeaway: Creativity and minimalism help create a stunning design.

Some more things we love about Rareform
In addition to the design quality, there are some other things which make Rareform a great store to surf through and make purchases. These include:

Product visualization

Across the website, end-users will find quality images of each product. Having said that, Rareform goes that extra step to even show the details such as the inside of a bag. Due to this, end-users will have a complete idea of how the product is inside out.

Perfectly imperfect

There is a category under the sale section called “Imperfect” which we are totally loving. Well written description combined with a large, clear image certainly makes the end-user want to think about purchasing the imperfect products. A true example of waste made into best!

Outstanding Shopify Store #2. Biko


With an e-Commerce store, the more clearly your customers can see the products offered, the greater the chances of conversions. Therefore, the quality of photography greatly impacts the user experience during stages such as research and purchase. As a jewellery store that offers the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, Biko showcases high-resolution product images throughout the site that allows customers to easily visualize.

Takeaway: By ensuring the quality of the visuals, they not only get seen but also stand out.

Some more things we love about Biko
While we cannot stop talking about how Biko has leveraged the power of visuals, there are some other highlights of this jewellery store.

Quick Shopping

Sometimes, as b2c customers, we don’t have the time or patience to go through the traditional process of making an online purchase. Biko certainly understands that which is why they offer quick add to cart option. With this, the shopping experience certainly becomes more convenient.

Smart conversions

We must say how Biko has used a very effective strategy when it comes to driving conversions on their store. By allowing customers to shop from various points on the site (from the home page to lookbook to the shop section), customers will certainly go to the checkout via one of these ways.

Outstanding Shopify Store #3. BYBI


Beauty comes with a responsibility. BYBI is a growingly successful brand which offers skincare related products that are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. In order to emphasize their core values, BYBI provides its customers with fresh content in the blog section. From DIY recipes to what’s trending in the beauty market, BYBI keeps its customers alert about everything related to beauty!

Takeaway: Relevant content can greatly help your store tell its story to the customers.

Some more things we love about BYBI
Just as this online beauty store gets the content right, BYBI has done some other exceptional things as well such as:

Spreading their values

Throughout the website, you will notice how BYBI emphasizes on their core values of being environmentally friendly. This emphasis certainly helps evoke trust in the customers for the company.

No distractions, please!

It is worth mentioning how this beauty store makes sure to only show the essentials. For instance, when on the cart page, there is no chance that the customer will be distracted with any kind of information other than just about the product that they may checkout.

Outstanding Shopify Store #4. Miracle by Aloft


For any e-Commerce store, one of the most important goals is conversion. The reason you offer quality content, visuals, product details, discounts and more is so that your visitors can become customers. Miracle by Aloft is an excellent example of a store that achieves its goal smartly. As a store that offers an authentic collection of towels, sheets, and pillow covers, the “Shop Now” buttons have been designed and placed strategically to increase the number of checkouts.

Takeaway: By leveraging Call to Actions, you can drive lots of conversions.

Some more things we love about Miracle by Aloft
In addition to being a compelling store for making a purchase, let us share some more highlights of the store.

Clean explanation

As Miracle by Aloft offers towels, sheets and pillow covers that are exceptional in quality, they prove this by giving a clear explanation. On the home page, end-users will find details such as the comparison between regular items versus the ones they offer.

Care Guide

It’s always a wonderful thing when a business goes beyond just doing business. Miracle by Aloft provides a care guide for its customers which shows that they genuinely do care about the hygiene and health of their customers.

Outstanding Shopify Store #5. Rebecca Minkoff


Ecommerce has gained popularity around the world. A platform like Shopify allows your online brand to reach out to the whole of the world as well. Rebecca Minkoff, a luxury clothing and accessories brand takes advantage of Shopify’s multi-currency service and provides nearly 70 currency choices in more than 100 countries. That’s just incredible!

Takeaway: The more you expand your business, the greater the chances of growth.

Some more things we love about Rebecca Minkoff
As if being a successful international brand wasn’t enough, there are some more things we would like to share about this store which adds to its success.

Encouraging user-generated content

They say that “Customers are the kings!” Rebecca Minkoff ensures to share what their customers have to say to the rest by encouraging customers to leave reviews. In addition, for many products, customers can share pictures of them with the product.

Discounts and more discounts

This designer store knows very well about how attractive discounts are to customers. Due to this, you will find discount related information on the header and footer.

Outstanding Shopify Store #6. Beast and Babe


Earlier in the blog, we had mentioned how cost friendliness is extremely crucial for any business. With Shopify, a lot of complicated setups related to security, hosting and speed are taken care of from the beginning without any additional hassles. This allows for businesses to spend a minimum on the operations and focus on their strategies. For Beast and Babe, a startup that offers some of the most unique dog goods you will have ever seen, Shopify has helped maximize its ROI which might not be possible otherwise.

Takeaway: The rules of a traditional store are just as applicable to an eCommerce store. Minimum input + Maximum output= Growth.

Some more things we love about Beast and Babe
There are several highlights of the Beast and Babe store which makes the user experience just pawfect! Some of these are:


Beast and Babe truly understands about being budget-friendly which is why they allow customers to make payment in installments with no additional charges.


On the website, you will find a series of fresh, fun blogs which explain about the design inspirations, dog stories and much more. Reading it allows users to certainly connect and maybe purchase something for their dogs!

Will you be the next inspiring store we will talk about?

From the list of outstanding Shopify stores shared, which one of them caught your eye? As you will have noticed, the key to one store’s success may not be the same for another. We would also like to mention how we are very proud to be the offshore team for Beast and Babe and Rareform.

If you are a business with an online store, how inspiring do you find your store to be? TheWorkshore would love to help your store reach greater heights. So get started here to be an inspiring store for 2020.