October 30, 2019

Outstanding ECommerce Stores Of 2019

Roughly three decades ago, if you had integrated an eCommerce store as a part of your business, you definitely stood out in the ever so competitive market. Considering the number of benefits it provides to both the customers and the business, eCommerce definitely changes the game for all.

However, in today’s time, enabling online shopping for your customers is just not enough to stand out. Now visitors expect unique and personalized online experiences, over-the-top customer services, and timely service fulfilment. There are around 24 million online stores out there now for people to choose from. Your store must have a charming personality of its own to retain customers and attract new ones.

Being just three months away from the end of this year, we exclusively picked out five e-commerce stores which prove that they know how to stay at the top of their game. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what’s in (their) store!

Outstanding e-commerce store #1. Pepperfry

Brief, first:

Just as catchy the name is, the success story of Pepperfry is truly incredible. Today, as India’s largest online furniture and home-related products marketplace, Pepperfry makes it possible for thousands of suppliers- small and mid-sized to sell a wide collection of furniture and home products. This store has leveraged the power of e-commerce when it comes to lifestyle. Along with their online mode of business, they also have offline stores to make sure their customers can reach out in the most convenient ways.

Highlight: Simplified Search

In a time where the problem is not a lack of information but rather being overwhelmed with it, Pepperfry knows how to smartly deal with this. The online store places its information on the wide range of products in a way that it’s easy for customers to search what they are looking for. Here’s how they do it exceptionally well:

  1. The menu in the header displays each category with all its subcategories
  2. In case the user has not checked out the categories via the header menu, the categories are displayed in “what we have in store for you” on home page
  3. The search bar has an autocomplete functionality to help users find the right product quickly just from a keyword
  4. Powerful product filter for the refined and faster search process
  5. Products are showcased in sections relevant to users such as “what’s trending”, “deals of the day”


Outstanding e-Commerce store #2: Happiness Abscissa

Brief, first:

For Happiness Abscissa (HA), happiness means everything. HA is an online store that offers a wholly unique collection of scents that trigger happiness in an individual. The store believes that when one is happy, it leads to his or her wellbeing. The unique scents are sold in the form of soaps and perfumes.

Highlight: Minimalistic Design

Loved by the Shopify platform, this store is a perfect example of how less is truly more. Throughout the entire site, the design can be seen to be very clean. With the navigation placed on the left side, the customers can really focus on the content of the page they are visiting. We just cannot emphasize how good design influences great user experience.


Outstanding eCommerce store #3: MyDeal Australia

Brief, first:

Founded in 2011, MyDeal Australia has grown ever since as an online marketplace for different kind of lifestyle products. From furniture to home and garden, fashion to electronic, they strive to be a one-stop-shop for the customers. With over two million deliveries made in Australia, what makes this store trustworthy is their careful, transparent process of selecting vendors.

Highlight: Mobile Friendliness

Has it ever happened that you are having a great experience on an online store on your desktop but when you go on the mobile, you find yourself in frustration? Even though Google, amongst the many experts, has been stressing on online stores to be mobile-friendly, that’s still a long way for many businesses. MyDeal Australia is one such e-Commerce store that can pose competition to the rest because they are mindful of their customers’ experience on the mobile. From the high-quality product images to large fonts and easy checkout, the quality of going to the store through mobile is just as when using a desktop.


Outstanding eCommerce store #4: Zara

Brief, first:

Needless to an introduction, Zara speaks for itself in the fashion world. Zara offers a collection of apparel targeted for different age groups of men and women across the world. Two of the major highlights which makes everyone love Zara is how quickly they stay updated with fashion trends and how customer-centric they are.

Highlight: Product Visualization

If your customers cannot see it, they will probably not purchase it. For any e-Commerce store, it becomes necessary to show quality visuals of each product or service they offer in addition to the details. Zara is one such store that we feel gets it right. For each of the products they offer in the different categories, several large-sized, quality images of the product are shown to the customer. This allows the customers to visualize the product and consider to make a purchase if it meets their requirements.


Outstanding eCommerce store #5: Zappos

Brief, first:

Zappos is a brand that knows how to deliver “Wow” over shoes. But it doesn’t end with just shoes. Over roughly past twenty years, Zappos has grown as an online store by offering more to its customers. One can find clothing, bags, accessories and a lot more along with quality customer service at all times.

Highlight: Being Customer Friendly

We remember those who are friendly. Whether it a person or an online store, friendliness is a must to have a lasting impression. For the customers of an online store, they could be stuck at a place such as the single product page or the checkout page. Zappos puts itself in the shoes (literally!) of their customers and therefore provides all the online help it can to help resolve the queries as soon as possible. Aside from the FAQs and shipping & return policy, Zappos goes one step further and encourages customers to leave the feedback of their experience.


A final word

As you will have noticed, some of the key aspects of an outstanding e-Commerce store are quite simple in nature. But, its this simplicity derived from the complexity that is going to leave your customers with a never-ending love for your store.

In addition to incorporating features such as the ones mentioned above, the platform of your store also matters. Some of the successful stores we mentioned are built on Shopify which is one such platform that enables the store to expand in a robust and effective manner. Click here to get started.