August 30, 2019

Latest Trends We Are Totally Loving On Shopify

It is one truth that trends are ever-changing. Yet at the same time, what we need to grab is how we need to change with the trends as well. In the eCommerce world, so many things are changing all the time- from the store design to way of marketing and so forth. While it would be practically impossible to keep up with every trend for your online store, check out some of the latest trends we are totally loving on Shopify (Don’t have an online store on Shopify? Click here to get started)

Trend #1: Personalization

Personalization is not a new concept in the eCommerce world. However, the significance of personalizing your user’s experience just cannot be stressed enough.

According to Accenture, 43 percent of current consumers prefer companies that personalize their experience.

Today, gathering data about your customers’ behavior such as their preference, purchase process and so forth is not a challenge. So, we highly recommend you to use the appropriate analytics tools to capture data and create a personalized experience for your customers. From “you may want to check this out” to “view similar products,” the more you make the customers feel that the store is created just for them, the happier they will be.

Trend #2: Be socially active

As per Statista, by 2021, there will be roughly around 3.1 billion users on social media. Furthermore, today around 54% of social media users make use of the platforms to research products (GlobalWebIndex, 2018). So, it’s certainly safe to say that social media undoubtedly offers a great opportunity for businesses to have a greater reach and thus more conversions.

You also have to understand that people don’t always buy from one place. Convenience can change and so as a business, you need to have as many doors open for your customers.

Let us also let you know how merely sharing or advertising your products/services on social media will not suffice. You need to make it possible for the customers to shop on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and so forth just as easy as shopping on your website. Being on Shopify, you can do this easily with the help of multi-channel e-commerce which integrates the shopping on social media with your online store.

One last thing we would like to say with regard to this trend is how it’s important to be socially active. This consistency is what will help your store achieve long-run success. Looking for Shopify expert who could take care of your social media? Let’s get talking right away!


Trend #3: Go Global

They say, so much lies beyond the borders. With certain kinds of products being purchased by people from across the world such as related to fashion, electronics and so forth, you should definitely see if you can expand your online store to other places if you have not already.


What’s absolutely great about Shopify is how easy and smooth they make the process of going for a global market. You can set up multi-currency for your store so that you don’t end up paying huge lump sums for conversion rate fees due to the retailer’s local currency restrictions. To have your online store be translated accurately in the local language of the user, you could make use of the multi-language feature of Shopify.

Trend #4: Online Sizing

Perhaps one of the common hesitations of those who don’t opt for the online purchase is the inability to confirm the size will fit the user perfectly. To make this virtual experience more real, you can certainly think about using smart technologies like Virtusize. With this, customers can measure the items in their cart and really be sure of the purchase.

Trend #5: Augmented Reality

The more real the virtual experience is, the better the user experience will be and the higher your online store will perform. Shopify offers tools such as Shopify AR powered by 3D Warehouse’ which you can use to allow customers to visualize the product or service. Just imagine the impact on your conversions and returned products!

Trend #6: Chatbots

Let’s be honest. It is nearly impossible to cater to every query or comment of each customer on a timely basis. Since technology brings with it bliss to the businesses, you could very well add chatbots to your online store. Gartner predicts that by 2020, twenty-five percent of customer support will be virtual.

There are two things as a business you need to think about: getting back on the customer queries in a real-time fashion and easing that process for your own team. This is why chatbots have been created: to keep the chat with the customer going!

Trend #7: Subscriptions

For quite a long time now, subscriptions have done wonders for businesses. It is this strategy that keeps your customers return to your store. One of the Shopify Experts group, Underwaterpistol predicts that the combo of subscriptions and bundled products is going to be fruitful for both the large and small businesses. If you are interested in starting subscriptions, checkout Shopify apps such as ReCharge Payments and Bundle Builder.

The list of trends, of course, could go on. If you are looking to implement any of the trends mentioned above or others, feel free to check out our Shopify Expertise page. We will help your Shopify store get trendy.