June 21, 2019

Emerging Market Of Offshoring In India

Offshore software development is a culture that has been on the rise in the business and IT world for more than two decades now.

Benefits such as cost-effectiveness, expertise, increased productivity, and so forth are what have made businesses especially in the West consider working with an offshore team. With the global market size of IT services expected to soar to $846 billion by 2021, there are many nations offering remote services to help businesses’ products and services have a competitive edge in such a dynamic, unprecedented market (Source: Statista).

As per Forbes, India has earned its reputation as a successful destination for offshore development. Competing with other capable nations in Europe, Southeast Asia, and so forth, today, India is home to some of the most reputed companies that offer offshore development globally to help meet the growingly diverse and complex business requirements.


Leading factors for the growth of offshore development in India

Across the world, the market of offshore development is booming due to the multitude of benefits it provides to businesses.
However, what distinguishes the quality of offshore development is the value of benefits provided to the business.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the primary expenses for any business is hiring a team of qualified professionals. Many factors such as rent, rates, region, and others affect the numbers. However, with India, businesses can see their expenses associated with developing an offshore team being much less than in other nations.


With one of the major expenses being reduced greatly, businesses can invest their capital for other objectives while having quality delivered by the offshore teams in India.

With one of the major expenses being reduced greatly, businesses can invest their capital for other objectives while having quality delivered by the offshore teams in India.

2. Time to market

Time is money, this, businesses realize very well. When a business works with an offshore team, it becomes incredibly important for them to be able to trust their team on realizing the value of time. Due to one of the notable cultural qualities of India being sincerely dedicated, you can trust your team to put in the efforts to get the work done on time. Learn more about the Indian culture and its impact on offshore software development.

3. Talent Pool

The field of information technology can be seen to become vaster as new problems and requirements are found. It, therefore, becomes important to continuously keep track of the talent required to solve problems and create outstanding solutions. With the continuous fostering for the IT field, India is continuously having graduates are IT ready for today and tomorrow. This includes graduates specialized in fields such as cloud computing, analytics, custom software development, digital marketing, product engineering and much more.

India has come out on top with the highest proportion of digital talent in the country at 76 percent compared to the global average of 56 percent. (source: IBEF, 2018)

4. Effective Communication

At the heart of every development is communication. When effective communication is in place, managing the projects and essentially the product or service is saved from becoming a nightmare. Today, millennials across India are effectively communicating in English. For businesses whose primary mode of communication is English, this comes as a great relief. Additionally, the offshore teams have access to real-time communication tools such as video apps, project management software and so forth.

5. Technological Availability

IT can be a crazy area for businesses due to its dynamic nature. With change requests for products or services being a constant, it becomes almost mandatory for the businesses’ offshore team to have technological availability for discussions, development, and management. To ensure technological availability, offshore companies in India can be seen to leverage different tools for chat, conference calls, video conferencing and others.


Wrap Up

India’s success in offshore software development for businesses around the world, it can be expected for this mode of working to grow more popular. At the same time, due to the favorable conditions as well as continuous government support, foreign investments, the offshore market in India is here to stay and grow further.

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