February 19, 2020

10 Things look for when offshoring to India

Offshoring to India started out as a way to help businesses of different sizes cut down costs and increase their ROI. And now, having come a long way, it offers so much more value to the businesses that it becomes almost mandatory to give offshore development at least a thought!

While there are several leading destinations for hiring an expert offshore team, one of the top choices for IT development for many years in India. Today, India continues to invest in the field of IT so that it can provide a highly satisfying service to its clients. In 2019, the IT-BPM sector in India was worth $177 billion which is 6.1% growth and is estimated to grow by $350 billion by 2025 (source: InvestIndia).

With India continuing to fulfill the promise of delivering quality through offshore software development, here are ten major things you should know about offshore development in India.

1. Value over price

Someone has very rightly said that it’s not all about the money. Offshore teams now strive to offer more business value as a partner. While businesses will continue to enjoy the reasonable quotations offers, they will see how the offshore teams bring along other values that contribute to the overall success of a project or a product. From effective communication to a smarter way of working, and to being equally responsible for the risks, offshore development is bound to create long-lasting relations with businesses.

2. Smart work all the way!

Without processes in place, projects of any level of complexity or sophistication are bound to get lost. This is the reason you will find offshore development in India executed using modern methodologies such as agile and DevOps. The whole idea of adopting such ways of working is that changes can be made more easily and risks can be prevented as much as possible.
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3. Use of latest technology such as AI

It certainly makes sense to expect IT professionals to be updated with the latest technology and their trends. As mentioned earlier in the blog, India will continue to invest in the technologies that will build the future. From AI to data analytics, you can find offshore teams to help you leverage these in order to get more competitive in the market.
As per a study carried out Accenture, AI is estimated to contribute to 15% of the current gross value of the Indian economy by 2035.

4. Automated testing for accuracy

What is software without bugs? While no software could ever be a hundred percent accurate in its functionality and overall look and feel, with automated testing, there is more accuracy that can be achieved. In the past years, businesses may have seen long, dreadful hours of troubleshooting being put by the developers to save the business from more loss. Understanding this problem, offshore teams are now investing in automated testing software such as Selenium, Browsershots, and other tools while hiring skilled QA to ensure that the testing really ensures the accuracy and quality of the software.

5. Custom made software

One of the growing requirements for businesses is of course customized software or features. Knowing the importance of this, offshore teams in India can be seen to offer this on a wide range of platforms. Whether it’s Shopify or Magento, you can surely get your store built in the way you vision.
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6. Language not an issue

One of the concerns which businesses in the previous years had while working with offshore teams was the language barrier. However, with the English proficiency level being overall above average, businesses have no reason to worry about not being understood.

7. Smarter and faster development

Development is undoubtedly one of the main parts of a project. It is a development that brings great designs to life and its development allows customers to actually interact with your product or service. However, what happens when the development is slow or inaccurate? The simple answer is “it sucks.” As offshore development emphasizes quick and quality development, here are some of the things that offshore teams are doing to be committed to this promise.

Planning and then coding

One of the biggest reasons why development lags or fails to deliver accuracy is that the coding happens first and then the planning. However, teams now spend time identifying the dependencies and best ways to code because they know that messy code does not get you anywhere.

Working under no assumptions

Developers are well aware that assumptions can cause disasters for the whole team. This is why developers now work only when they have all of the specifications related to the features. You might call them demanding but believe us, there is nothing more dangerous than assumptions.

Important features first

While there can be a long list of things to be developed, the development team works with the project manager to prioritize the features and work accordingly. This way once a feature has been developed, it can be handed over for beta testing to know if further changes are needed before it is launched in the market.

8. Easy and hassle-free on-boarding

One of the natural concerns a business may have when considering working with an offshore team is how quickly a skilled team will be built. As India continues to be a popular choice for offshore development, companies here are really making the onboarding process simple and effective. Once you have given your requirements and budget, the offshore company will take care of the hiring and training process. Building a team now is really that simple!

As per Daxx, 52% of SME around the world will continue to work with offshore teams in 2020. This, of course, could not be possible if it weren’t for the easy onboarding process!

9. Customers are the kings

Empathy is what will continue to drive the development and design of the products. This is not a new way of working but you will see that offshore teams in India will work in this way because customers are truly the kings! Through developing prototypes for customers to use and give feedback to carrying out tests like A/B testing, businesses will see their customers being at the center of all the work.

10. Transparency

One of the core ethics in any business is transparency. Some may think that transparency can be a question when the team they work with is many seas away. However, offshore companies in India will continue to be transparent about everything- from the processes they have, the work they do to the costs that are involved in delivering the project. The offshore teams understand that it is through transparency that offshore development feels almost as onshore!

If at this point you are considering hiring an offshore team, you will find that the list is pretty long. While there are many competitive places that offer the benefits of offshore development, India will continue to help you emerge as an online business. With both experience and excitement, offshore teams will not disappoint you! Get in touch with us right now if you would like to know more!